here we are, at the beginning. I’m not sure whether I’m looking down the hill of a giant roller coaster or up at the summit of a towering mountain. heck, I like both—the stomach-dropping weightlessness of a freefall and the sweat-encrusted struggle rendering a climb into a molehill.

as I’ve been mulling over the idea for this project, I’m torn between thinking it’s entirely possible and will result in the best year of my life, and an inevitable failure, like many a New Year’s resolution or annual goal. (I’ve got a dusty unicycle in our storage unit to prove the latter.) many lists have been made, including contenders for my own twelve, who else might want to do this with me and ideas to make this a more interesting read for those who aren’t twelve-ing it.

nothing is set in stone, just yet. nothing may ever be set in stone. all I know is it has begun. it was the deciding to do it. to do it publicly. to make it worthy of its own site. a domain purchase and less than $20 later, here we are.

I’ve got some more tinkering to do to make this site pretty, so I’ll be off for now.