It appears I didn’t even bother writing anything down in 2014. Yet, I’m back. I can’t seem to let go of this idea. There’s something pleasantly challenging in listification of annual goals.

Let’s give it another go, shall we?

At the end of 2014 I scribbled down what 2015’s 12s could look like. I didn’t group things under thematic headers. It was a down and dirty list of candidates for year’s-worth of doing. One week into the year, I’m finally forcing myself to type ’em up. I claim no eloquence, no literary flair, no craft in this post. (This should be a theme for this blog. Overthinking the writing gets in the way of documenting.) Just spilling the beans here.

  1. bread
  2. books
  3. pullups
  4. run
  5. body
  6. sew
  7. knit
  8. Doughtown
  9. blog
  10. caramels
  11. pictures
  12. sit
  13. post
  14. date

Clearly, there are more than twelve items here. Some can be folded into other topics. Let’s give that a try and a little reordering:

  1. bread: 12 different formulae, keep a tally of all loaves bakes
  2. sew: 12 items, be they bread bags, boxer shorts, or a dress shirt
  3. knit: 12 items, could be WIPs or brand new pieces
  4. pictures: 12 image-makings somethings—be it drawing or photography
  5. pull-ups: 12 of them
  6. run: a combination of 12 12+-mile weekly totals, runs 12 (or more) mile runs, 12-day streaks; parallel goal: run a total of at least 500 miles this year
  7. body: needs more definition (both the goal and me); lose 12 lbs., do 12 weeks of training programs of push-ups, bodyweight activities, yoga, or kettle bells.
  8. sit: 12 meditation occasions, 12-day long streaks, or log 12 hours
  9. write (will include Doughtown): 12 blog posts, Doughtown newsletters, make and sell 12 Doughtown shirts
  10. books: read 12
  11. post: send 12 letters
  12.  date people: have 12 adventures with friends and loved ones
  13. caramels: develop 12 recipes

So that’s good enough for me. Some of these are mighty attainable. For example, I could knock out all of the sewing in two weekends. (But I won’t.) Baking 12 new-to-me loaves should be a cakewalk. So what? There’s nothing wrong with some easy wins. The important thing is the doing of them. Process is a theme for 2015. All of these will only get done if do the work. Process is baked into these outcomes.

It would be a very fine year indeed if I achieved all of these. (Goodness me, I’d be content with just the pull-ups, books and blog posts.) Here’s hoping this isn’t the last this blog hears from me in 2015.

Lookie there! I just wrote a blog post. Tick that one off the list! Only eleven more to go.